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The whole world’s eyes are on Egypt. Everyone is anticipating the opening of The Grand Museum. At last, Egypt is getting what it truly deserves in terms of tourism. The museum will be offering a permanent home to tens of thousands of archeological treasures, including the entire contents of Tutankhamun’s tomb. Just look at how magnificent the images look already. The world’s largest archaeological museum is promised to be open later this year. The billion-dollar project is a small step in what Egypt is about to offer for the world!

Not only it will be the home for thousands of artifacts from Egypt’s treasures, but the design is also offering stunning panoramic views for The Great Pyramids of Giza.

Source: CNN

The New York Times, Independent, Lonely planet and countless other travel experts are recommending Egypt for 2020!. After two decades under construction, it will finally open its doors for us — or so we’re promised. Finally, a glimpse of what it looks like in a video. It will make you proud.

International Cooperation Minister Rania Al-Mashaat shared on her social media account the first promotional video that was aired on Discovery channel, who are working on promotional campaigns to promote Egypt.

Calling it a gift to civilization, the video shows a glimpse of how magnificent the outdoor panoramic and the interior views looks like. Moreover, the museum’s initial ticket pricing for foreigners has been set to 400 EGP ($US 25), 200 EGP for students ($US 12.5) according to El Watan and Daily News Egypt.

The Minister had formerly announced that the entrance ticket would amount to 30 EGP ($US 1.9) while a comprehensive ticket giving access to the complete museum would be 60 EGP ($US 3.75) for Egyptian nationals.

Egypt is setting high standards for the world interests, the ministry also announced a two-kilometer promenade that connects the museum to the Great Pyramids of Giza for sightseeing. We will for sure organize such a tour on Voyage Tellers so stay tuned!.