About Voyage Tellers

Voyage Tellers will take you through unforgettable journeys with like minded adventurists! Our packages and tours are tailored to suit everyone. They cover multiple cities and different experiences! Go on daily tours to the hidden gems in Cairo. Visit the Great Pyramids of Giza. Explore the vast Egyptian sahara with a camping experience. Scuba dive into the underwater world in the Red Sea. Ride the Felucca in the longest river in the world. Explore Luxor airborn with the hot air balloon. Wonder in the Valley of the Kings. Expeirence the local cuisine. We got it all!

Do not miss this opportunity to tell your story with Voyage Tellers! Here's a video explaining how Voyage Tellers was founded. 


Voyage Tellers Media

Our Media is produced according to the highest professional standards to deliver the closest experience to reality by our very own film makers and photographers.

We love storytelling, film making and we are exploring it through our love for travel. We have been to every place around Egypt. So we hope you enjoy the process of Voyage Tellers exploring what we are capable of.

Voyage Tellers by the travel film maker Ahmed Elsadre collaborated with Airbus Tours to create the best travel programs for you to experience Egypt like never before. On our media page we share the places we travel to, the people we meet, the experiences we have, and the lessons we learn along the way. So buckle up and let’s go tell our voyage!


About Airbus Tours

Airbus Tours was founded in 1988, and since that date till now we are following the early plan strategy which lead and still leading us to be one of the elite global Tour Operators round the world, as our main target was how to complain between the unforgettable leisure to all clients and how to offer the excellent services, hotels, programs with the best rates, and after a hard efforts we succeeded to make the balance as Airbus Tours has the most active experienced Staff who managed us to reach this stage during the last years .

After Airbus Tours approved and assured its success at the Egyptian Market, we invested that success to grow faster at other countries as we established our Global network services with our partners at Turkey – Germany – Argentina – Morocco – Indonesia – Malaysia – Saudi Arabia. And we had unexpected success.

Official Licenses No : 734 / Category A
Established in : 1985
Paid Capital : 10, 000, 000 USD
Memebr Of IATA - ETTA
Managing Director: Dr. Sameh Ghazi
Development Manager: Khaled El Kholy
Marketing Manager: Mohamed Hamza
Head Office: 1 Talaat Harb Sq. – Cairo

Incoming branch: 9 Abou El Hool El Seiahi, Nazlet El Samman.
Hot Line: 16739
Email: m.hamza@airbustours.com
Branches: 14 Branches inside Egypt
Company Staff: 150 Employees.